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Shark Jaws

Welcome to the Fossils Online Shark Jaw Catalog

Here you will find one of the most extensive collections of modern shark jaws available anywhere on the net. Some of the jaws that we have had or currently have are the Goblin shark, Crocodile shark, Frilled shark, Greenland shark, etc. This gives you an idea of some of the species we are able to acquire.

Most of the jaws that we offer are from commercial fisheries that utilize the shark for food. Other parts of the shark, including the jaw, are also utilized so nothing goes to waste. Some of the jaws came from sharks caught by research vessels and aquariums that have conducted studies on certain species. Because of this, we are able to offer many species with full collection data, which includes the shark’s sex, length, location caught and in some cases the depth that it was caught.

One common problem for collectors/researchers obtaining jaws for study collections is proper identification. You can be sure that every jaw we sell is accurately identified by genus and species. You will not find a long list of jaws merely labeled ‘reef shark jaws’ on our site. In some instances, the species of shark may impossible to determine and it will be labeled by genus only –no guessing!

Frilled Shark


The quality of the jaws we offer is of the highest caliber and worthy of any public or museum display. All of the jaws are whitened and formed into an aesthetically pleasing shape. How many times have you seen twisted, yellowed jaws for sale? I have even seen some jaws for sale that were displayed upside down! Certain species, particularly the deepwater sharks, have thin, flimsy jaws that are not easy to prepare. We take great pride in being able to meticulously prepare and shape the thinnest of jaws for the pickiest of collectors.