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Pyrite Sun in Original Slate

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The natural pyrite sun is preserved in its original slate, measuring 7" x 8" with a 2 1/2" pyrite sun. While some cleaning and delicate micro blasting may have been done to reveal the beauty of these specimens, they have not been artificially placed on the slate and are presented as found. In some cases, such as this one, reattachment may have been necessary during preparation and cleaning.

Pyrite Suns

Pyrite suns, also known as pyrite dollars, are fascinating and unique mineral formations of the shiny, metallic mineral pyrite (FeS₂), which is also commonly known as fool's gold due to its superficial resemblance to real gold. These formations are particularly associated with Sparta, Illinois, where they have been found in abundance and have a notable local significance.

Pyrite Sun in Matrix
Pyrite Sun in Original Slate Sale price$80.00