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Fantastic Great White Shark Jaw

This is only the second great white jaw that I have ever put up on the site. I have only ever sold them privately or at shows. Now is your chance to own a beautifully prepared jaw with full data. Dr. Gordon Hubbell prepared this jaw and in fact, it was in his collection at one time. Some of the first row teeth were damaged so he removed them and folded the next tooth forward, resulting in a fantastic display specimen. If you want a centerpiece for your office or den, then this will fit the bill. Since they are now protected, any jaws that are being sold are from old collections and those that are willing to give them up are few and far between. The provenance on this jaw alone is worth quite a bit. Because of their protected status, I can only ship this jaw in the US.

  • Model: SJLAM-WHITE-01


Carcharodon carcharias

Length of Shark

8 ft. 11 in.

Jaw Width

16 in.



Jaw Height

13 1/2 in.

Largest Tooth

1 1/4 in.
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