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Killer Jet Black Megalodon Tooth

I think this is the first true black tooth I have posted on the site. They are rather difficult to photograph and they are usually teeth that have to be held in person to truly appreciate. The pictures, I think, came out pretty decent and are a fair representation of the tooth. If you like the pictures, you'll love the tooth.

The root, bourlette and crown on this tooth are a true, deep black....not a variation of black, slightly black or blackish blue. It's as black as ink. Truly black teeth are hard to come by. The only real flaw with this tooth is that little nick on the side, otherwise, I don't see anything wrong with it. It has a killer shape, the serrations are sharp including the very tip, and the root and bourlette are top notch. The root looks gray in the picture, but it's black -- I had to overexpose a little bit to see detail in the tooth. It's also very large at 5.75". If you have been looking for a truly black tooth for your collection, then this might be a good choice.

  • Model: MEG755




5 3/4 in.


4 1/4 in.
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