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ULTRA Rare Giant American Lion Canine

This massive upper canine is from the most massive cat ever. The american lion was about 25% larger than the African lion of today and larger still, than smilodon. I would venture to say that american lion fossils are more rare than even the almighty saber cat. In Rancho La Brea, there were over 2100 saber cat individuals found and only 80 american lion. In Florida it is also much more uncommon than smilodon. I have seen numerous fossils labeled as lion when they were most likely a large, male jaguar. There is no mistaking this massive canine. I have pictured it next to a jaguar canine to give you an idea how massive this thing is. The very tip was glued back on, otherwise, there is no restoration at all. A rare opportunity to add one of the most sought after cat fossils to your collection.

  • Model: CARN447


Panthera atrox


Taylor County, FL


4 3/4 in.


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