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Rare Giant Sloth Tooth from Leisey Shell Pit, FL

This giant sloth tooth was found in the world famous Leisey Shell Pit in Ruskin, FL. This site produced an amazing amount of rare and beautifully preserved fossils from Florida.Two hundred three different species of vertebrates were found in the Leisey 1a site which is about 21 feet below the surface. The bone layer was between 2"-12" thick over an area about 2400 square yards! Because of the tremendous amount of overburden on the fossil layer, it was very common for many of the fossils to be in a crushed state. This tooth was glued back together once recovered with very MINIMAL restoration -- mostly crack fill. The small amount of restoration is virtually undetectable and professionally done.

Fossils from the giant sloth, Eremotherium, are one of the most difficult to find. Teeth from this massive sloth in any condition are few and far between let alone one from a famous site.

Truly and investment quality fossil that is only going to increase in value.

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Eremotherium laurillardi


Leisey Shell Pit, Ruskin, FL


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