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Ultra Rare Florida Saber Cat Canine

This canine is from a species of saber cat that is so rare, it is not officially known from Florida. There are only 3 species of saber cat that have short, stocky sabers. All of them have serrated canines. Dinofelis palaeoonca, also found in Texas and Washington Blancan deposits, has short UNserrated canines. This specimen is so pristine, that there isn't a possibility that it was an older individual with worn serrations. I have included some extreme close up pictures that attest to this. There is no restoration or repair on this incredible specimen. If you want to own a canine from one of the rarest, if not THE rarest, of the saber cats then this is your chance.

  • Model: Saber01


Dinofelis palaeoonca


Sarasota County, FL


3 7/16 in.


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