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Massive Shortfin Mako Shark Jaw

This is the largest mako that I have ever been able to acquire. I traded this jaw from Gordon Hubbell who had it for nearly twenty years... since it was so large. Normally, I don't spend too much time preparing jaws as meticulously as this one, but this one was worth the extra time. All of the extra tissue has been removed from around each and every tooth. None of them have been switched around. They are in their original positions.

The jaw came in as 31 inches across, but after putting in a more aesthetically pleasing shape, it is now 26 inches across. Years ago, I had another jaw that was close to this size, with teeth that were 2 9/16". This jaw is larger, but the teeth are 2 5/16". Individual variation I guess.

If you have been waiting for an extra large jaw, then this is your chance. Please note that shipping cost will be a little more due to the size of the box. The shipping calculator is based solely on weight.

  • Model: HugeMako


Isurus oxyrinchus

Jaw Width

26 1/4 in.

Jaw Height

18 in.

Largest Tooth

2 5/16 in.
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