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Extremely Rare Marsupial Lion Thylacoleo Shearing Tooth

This is probably one of the rarest Pleistocene carnivore fossils in the world. I would venture to say that it is more uncommon than even a saber cat fossil. All cave fossils from Australia are very difficult to obtain, let alone one that is rarely found. This creature had 4 giant shearing teeth that took up most of the space in the upper and lower jaws. It was capable of tremendous biting force and also had a huge thumb claw on it's forelimb. This specimen still has the original matrix attached to the underside. It is as found -- no restoration or repair. This is Australia's version of a smilodon saber. You don't want to miss this opportunity. You may never have it again.

  • Model: AU438


Thylacoleo carnifax


Henschke's Fossil Cave, Naracoorte S. Australia


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