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GEM Quality Megalodon Tooth

One of the best preserved teeth I have had. Everything about this tooth is a screamer. It's easier just to mention the flaws than to go over every detail abou this tooth --- although i probably will point out a few things to notice. Thre are 6 half nicked serrations and a 1cm x 1mm area of enamel peel near the bourlette on the upper left side of the tooth. Other than that, I don't see anything major (as if what I have pointed out is anything near significant). The bourlette, root and enamel are so nearly perfect, they are like one. Check out the detail of the root on the flat side where the enamel flows seamlessly into it -- the mix of colors are great. The tooth is just like it was (aside from color) when it fell out of the shark's mouth. This is another one of those teeth that you will turn in your hands over and over again marvelling at the pristine preservation. Sorry for the poetry type description, but this is one of those teeth that really strikes me. The fifth image is a reapeat of the first, but it's a much larger image so be patient if it takes a bit to download.

  • Model: MEG813


South Carolina


3 1/16 in.


2 3/8 in.
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