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GEM Quality Bone Valley Megalodon

The preservation on this tooth is absolutely unbelievable. My pictures or description could not begin to describe how perfectly preserved this tooth is. Aside from the slightest bit of feeding wear on the tip, this tooth is as close to perfect as I have seen on a tooth. The enamel flows seamlessly into the root and bourlette. Not even the slightest micro chip is missing from that area on the flat side of the tooth. The bourlette is as close to perfect as you could ever hope to see on any tooth. It's the same color as the root which is crack free on the display side. It looks almost fake it's so smooth. The tiniest of nutrient pores can be seen on the non--display side of the root. Basically, this tooth is exactly the way (except for the color) it came out of the shark's mouth millions of years ago. Not only is the preservation on this tooth nearly perfect, the symmetry is too. I don't see a difference in dimensions on my ruler. You won't be disappointed!

  • Model: BVMEG172


Polk County, FL


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