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Rooted Dinosaur Tooth

No need to write a lengthy description on this absolutely amazing specimen. Measuring an incredible 7 5/8" long, it is the largest and finest that I have ever seen. Exhibiting the finest preservation, there are only one or two serrations missing on the entire tooth. All of them are extremely sharp. Aside from cleaning, the tooth is as found and came out of the ground in one piece. No restoration was needed. This is the part of the description that I mention if you are interested in obtaining another specimen such as this to contact me. I honestly don't think I will be able to obtain another quite like this. It is extremely uncommon to find a tooth this nice that doesn't belong to an associated skull. It doesn't hurt to ask, though.

Tarbosaur ToothTarbosaur Tooth
Tarbosaur ToothTarbosaur Tooth
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