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Early Miocene Camelid Fossils

Floridatragalus, Nothokemas,Parablastomeryx, Machaeoromeryx

The camelids of the early Miocene were very intereisting and quite different from the camels and llamas from later time periods. The metapodials or cannon bones were not fused like the later camels(llamas). Floridatragalus dolichantereus had a long snout with several canines that were spaced apart from each other. Nothokemas floridanus had large canines and 6 lower teeth instead of 5 like in later camels (llamas). Both wer smaller in size as well.

Florida Early Miocene Camelid Hoof

Florida Early Miocene Camelid Hoof

Very uncommon hoof from the early Miocene of Florida.
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Juvenile Incisor

Juvenile Incisor

Early Miocene (18-20 million years) Perfect juvenile camelid incisor. Pristine condition.
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